Setup 2FA

Click your name at the top right in the Client Portal.
Select Edit Account Details.


Click Security Settings from within the "My Details" Page.


Select "Click here to Enable" to get started with setting up your 2FA


Click "Get Started" to move to the verification process

For this guide, we used Google Authenticator on an Android Device. Your chosen authentication application may differ from this guide.

In the next page, you'll see two options, one will require you to utilize the camera on your phone to scan the QR Code, the other will provide a secret key you can enter manually. Either option will work just fine.


Once you've entered your secret key or scanned the QR code, click Confirm.

On your device, you will see the code that is required.

Enter the code on your authentication software accordingly:


Be sure to write down and save your backup code in case your device is ever broken or stolen so you can still get into your Masterhash account.


Congratulations! You're all set!




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