How to Set Up a Masternode Product

Once you've ordered and paid for your Masternode product, you'll receive an email titled " New Dedicated Server Information."

If you haven't done this yet, you may want to go read the How to Order a Masternode guide first then come back.


For this guide, we will be using puTTY to login to the server and get it set up. You can download puTTY at

Once you have puTTY open, take the Main IP from the email you received and put it here:

Click Open and you'll connect to the server and see this pop up, Click Yes:

Once you've clicked yes, you'll be taken to the login prompt. The username will be "masterhash", the password will be in the email you received.

In puTTY, right click to paste copied text on your clipboard. Note that it will not display the text in the puTTY session. Once you've right-clicked once, hit Enter on your keyboard:

Next the server will run some initial setup instructions and then prompt you to hit any key to continue with setup:

Once the server is finished with it's setup, it will prompt you for a Privkey. Refer to the coin's KB or FAQs on how to obtain this. Right click to paste it into the terminal window and hit Enter:

And that's it! Now you can set up your masternode.conf file and get your node started. Our template will provide a number of options to assist you in managing your masternode properly. If you are an advanced user, you may choose to utilize the Shell option in the menu so you can handle everything yourself without the help of our software.

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