Order a Masternode

From your Client Portal, go to Services then click "Order New Services"


You'll now be shown a menu of our products, click the Masternode category on the left, then click Order Now for the masternode you're wanting to set up:


Next you'll be taken to a page to configure add-ons and set up your preferred Billing Cycle. Once you're all done, click Continue

Now you'll have the option to Review your order as well as select your preferred type of payment. Once everything looks good, click Checkout to proceed with payment.

For this example, I've selected Bitcoin payment. Once submitted, you'll be taken to a page like this where it will tell you how much to send and what address to send it to:


Once payment is all taken care of, you can go back to your Client Portal and will now see your masternode product under Services

You can view your Product(s) by clicking on Services

Click on the Product to view server information about your node


Now that you've successfully ordered your masternode, let's go check out the guide on how to set it up properly:

How to Set Up a Masternode Product

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